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The Podchaost

Mar 26, 2018

Energized after another Capitol City Theater open mic, Lars Soderlund (The Agonycast), Geoff Parks (Geoff Needs Something to Do), Zach Chappell (Zach Chappell Everybody) and Chad Johnson (this) entertain each other for your entertainment.

Mar 18, 2018

Nick Puente is back baby! In July of 2017, Nick recorded with us for our 18th episode and we got deep with him and his history. One of the best Podchaosts yet. That recording is included in the beginning this episode as a BONUS! 2:08:15 into this release is Nick's return. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios the...

Mar 6, 2018

Lucy Skye Dillinger is a comedian, artist, dj, writer, activist and trans woman who's kicked down the doors of bullshit to start paving her own way and giving the middle finger to anyone that doesn't like it. We here at The Podchaost always appreciate a punk rock attitude. Enjoy, laugh, and actually learn some shit.

Mar 6, 2018

We sit down and sift through the piles and piles of emails you all sent in. Thank you so much everyone, too many to thank individually. Salem has some damn good comics. We talk about them, about ourselves and about the awesome local shows that are coming up. We smoked weed before and during this episode. Love ya.

Mar 5, 2018

Bentley Michaels comes to the Sad Dad Pad to talk about everything. Mostly because he's a little bit of everything: podcaster, stand up comedian, voice actor, tap dancer, musician, it's fucking gross you guys. His two podcasts, Thinking Thoughts and the 45th Parallel are on iTunes and everything else. Here's some of his...