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The Podchaost

Apr 22, 2018

Minutes after recording his first album, "Normal Within Reason," Max Brockmann joins us to record a Podchaost that has ten people on it. Yeah.


Max Brockmann, Chad Johnson, Emma Jonas, Jared Richard, Julian Salyer, Bentley Michaels, Nick Puente, Geoff Parks, Zach Chappell and Lars Soderlund.

No links, you can...

Apr 15, 2018

Another post Capitol City Theater open mic hang. On today's show we've got Lars Soderlund, James O'Niel, Zach Chappell and me, Chad Johnson. These four white dudes are the perfect group to be discussing the rap music game. We also get a taste of what's really happening on the other end of a tech support phone...

Apr 1, 2018

Another post-mic recording full of energy and chaos. On this episode Tony Meyer (improviser/comic), Jared Richard (Capitol City Theater co-owner/comedy hobbyist), Dash Thompson, (comic/improviser/toddler model), Emma Jonas (comic/improviser/Jewish informant) and (your dad) Chad Johnson talk about the crazy ass things...